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Help me find the worst possible home for the TTG Staff team to move into and probably get murdered in.

I'm bored so here we go. I'll gift gold to the person with the highest score for their submission in the next 24 hours (Ending at 10pm EST on 11/19)


Bonus points for homes in high-crime and impoverished areas. I won't put a limit on the price of the home. But I'll use this formula to calculate the winner:

[(Upvotes - Downvotes) / House Price) * ((Crime rate for the area per 100k) * (Poverty rate for the area * 10)

(Pemdas is hard if this calculation doesn't add up feel free to call me an idiot and correct me)

Highest score wins, if you enter a submission for the contest you cannot downvote other entries. I'll exclude entrant downvotes from the points total. Please only submit one link per entry, you can edit your post and replace your submission if you find something even worse. Also try to embed some pictures from the listing on your post so that we don't have to go through a bunch of links.

Feel free to upvote the most disgusting submissions and be glad you probably live with your parents in the suburbs.

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(Excluded from leaderboard)

This is the listing that inspired the OP.

Beginning out front, you start off with a perfect view of the wonderfully aged brick-stone construction of the building. The last owner said the brick foundation was perfect for containing the aroma of his meth laboratory

Here we have a beautiful view of the abundant flora growth on the property, perfect for an avid green thumb or someone who wants to get into the hobby!

Out back you'll find the recently sound proofed single car garage. Previous tenants said they loved the addition of the garage as it allowed them to venture outside of their home during their unfortunate period of house arrest.

Moving inside the home, you're greeted with the recently renovated open-air design that is frequent within the home. The renovations are currently on-going, as we have been unable to locate the local crackheads that are responsible for this work of art.

As we enter the basement it is clear that this home was well built and it's foundation is in sound condition. While it might need a bit of cleaning up and elbow grease, the potential for this area is outstanding. Previous tenants raved about their ability to store large drums of acid here without any notice of the fumes while upstairs.

Finally, we have possibly the greatest recent addition to the property. Tired of having to shout across hallways to communicate with your tweaker peers? Well with our recent creation of "Glory Hole tunnels", you can freely communicate across rooms without having to raise your voice.

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I tried my hardest... to find the lovely home which inspired MTV Cribs!!

Take a look at the lovely home

I truly believe the 4K quality of the photos really show the true beauty of this wonderful home.
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They out here making the worst houses look good I found one burned down with the grass all cut short for 8k
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Beautiful Detroit, MI would be a perfect location
Violent crime rate: 2,137 per 100,000 residents

Zillow listing:

That game room tho:


Imagine coming back home after a long day and just chilling here
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The winner with a whopping 3.105 (I had to change the algorithm, no one's standings were affected.) is Yamborghini!

Final standings:

1. Yamborghini
2. Lia
2. TastyCereal
3. C4
4. Potion

Lia/Tasty both had $1000 homes (literally on the same street monkas) in Detroit so their scores came out to be equal.

If anyone finds I did their calculation wrong just let me know and I'll fix it, but I went through it twice and got the same result.
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