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I have about 400 baby pictures of myself that I would like to save on a external hard drive that way I have them somewhere else if anything happens to my picture album books.

My question is how many photos can I put on a 1tb or 2tb hard drive?
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They can hold A LOT more than 400 pictures.
A LOT is also an understatement.

It's complicated because some pictures will have a larger file size than others depending on various factors.
For the normal person, with normal pictures and non professional cameras shooting raw photos you'll be looking at over 100k pictures on just 1TB.
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Depends on the pictures really. I highly doubt you're taking photos with SONY, CANNON, or RED cameras that are taking and making 4K and 8K photos and videos. And depending on how many... Even if it were to range into the thousands, 1TB would be honestly asking for too much. I would definitely recommend a 240GB SSD overall though, purely based for the lifespan and more immediate access an SSD can bring versus that of a HDD. External HDDs are good, I've used them for years now, but External SSDs are just easier.. Sometimes my files would take up to a minute just for the window into the drive to load or longer, SSD, instant. 240GB should be fine, though I would recommend a 500GB in case you start taking longer videos (birthdays, events, etc.)

External SSD - Seagate
External SSD - Samsung
External SSD - Sabrent

Ones I've used/am using is the 1TB variants of the Seagate for some files I need to have on hand nearly at all times along with the 1TB variant from Samsung which stores some games, and the majority of my videos and photos.
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Im pretty sure can fit over a million pictures on a 1tb hard drive
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