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As the title says, I'm have started having this issue where no matter what game i'm playing, no matter the population, I cannot find any games. BO2 is the only game I have luck in but I will typically only find 1 person. I've been away for a bit and this problem is new to me. I've done research on the topic but I can't seem to find anything.
I do have a Gold Membership
I have done the dashboard update correctly
I can connect to Xbox Live and Stealth perfectly fine.

Any suggestions? or potential fixes?
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Make sure your plugins are as follows:
1. xbdm.xex
2. Stealth Server.xex
3. jrpc2.xex
4. rpc.xex

Also make sure your server files are up to date, I would just re do the files and make sure they are according to the newest dashboard update.
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Check your NAT type as well. If it's strict you will have trouble with matchmaking.
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