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A lot of times whenever I want to watch something on YouTube, I save them to my like playlist. Sometimes however for some reason, the uploader makes the video private.

Step 1: Find the URL for the video

This is key. If you know the URL of the video that just went private, you can get started. If not, you will not find out the title of the video.

The second step is also important. You have to make sure that the the video you want is not too old. Otherwise, it will become very tricky to find out.

Step 2: Copy the video ID and type youtube in google and then paste the ID.

Example URL:

What you need to type in google:

The search may give you a cached result of the video you want to know the title of or just show you results of videos with similar titles to the video you were looking for. However, it's very hit or miss.

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