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Hi guys I've started up a YouTube channel and would love to hear your feedback on ways i can improve it.
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Start off with not having 2 videos 20-30 seconds long, showing 2 easily done kill-feeds in Modern Warfare.

You also need to change that filthy profile picture with a Roblox guy, taking a wild guess if that's what it is, and find a better username as STOKEZY isn't natural.

All the advice I can give you now, like where you stand as a YouTuber, is to find the content you want to post and you'll have an ambition doing on your channel. I see you like Call of Duty, make montages, tutorials, or TaT videos. If you want, have more variety on your channel and play other games. Its good to have viewers that know your content so you can construct a community around your channel.
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Just looks like a channel you'd have to just show your mates videos easily. No point collecting outside opinions as it's very likely nobody cares about your channel at this time.
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