GeneralAny news on how much next gen will cost?Posted:

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Title sums it up really....
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Probably what they always cost when a console comes out. $500+
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I saw that the PS5 rumored price was about $500 so I'd assume the new Xbox is going to be around the same price. Nothing has been confirmed though so we're going to have to wait at least a few more months until Microsoft/Sony come out with details.
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I'm gonna stick with $499 as a solid guess.
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I'm gonna stick between $450.00 and $550.00, if the pattern stays true, it'll be around there given different versions lol
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It will be around the 500/600 range for at least 2/3 months... i reccomend just waiting a bit unless you want the first version haha
We all know how that went for xbox XD
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I'm gonna say I will stick to the console I have which will probably do exactly what this new one will do!
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CaappeR wroteI'm gonna say I will stick to the console I have which will probably do exactly what this new one will do!
Couldn't agree more. I get that current gem has been out for a few years now but there's literally no problem with it? It works fine, graphics are fine etc.

Literally just another money scheme.
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any news on when it will be releasing?
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They release the xbox one for 500
While playstation release the ps4 for 400
And everybody I know bought the ps4 because it was cheaper
So I'm guess xbox is gonna be set at 400 this time
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