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I am from Ontario, and this morning I woke up to snow, it kinda melted during the day and now this evening we are getting a lot!

Anyone else have snow?

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Nope the uk is shit
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they said there was gonna be snow, it was snowing here in montreal around 11pm last night to about 1pm this afternoon, so chances of snow is gonna be early since its already starting.

but yeah they said there was gonna be snow in some places of canada
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Where I live the temperature is still around 30c / 90f every day. We don't get snow ever.
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ontario as well and we have snow currently !
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We're getting a bit of frost but no snow yet!
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Had some light snow after a shitty rainy day but nothing measurable yet
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sask been getting snow on and off for like a week or two. snowing rn actually
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I live in the east coast of the USA and it snowed a tiny bit yesterday but not enough to cover anything over here but yeah we should be getting more in a couple of days!
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i live in sask and we got snow in sept for a few days then again near the beginning of oct lol
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