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Hello everyone! I'm new here and I'm really shy.

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Welcome to the TTG family! Hope you have a good experience and there's no need to be shy
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Welcome to TTG, stop by the shoutbox sometime and chat

Also be sure to check out the rules forum
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Welcome to the site buddy! There's no need to be shy, just be yourself!
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Welcome to the site mate
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Welcome to TTG Bud.
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welcome man, and dw im shy too
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Motto: Don't be a follower be a leader. The Federation control everything! Add me on TTG, you're all my friends! Hit me up if you ever want to game with me on PS4 or XB1.
Welcome to TTG my guy! Don't be shy we don't bite
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Welcome to the site.

We're on the internet don't be shy get in here and mingle.

If you have any questions PM me.

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Welcome to the site man hope you stick around
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