ZombiesWhat is your best memorie of playing call of duty zombies!Posted:

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I would love to know your best memories from call of futy zombies!
Feel free to make me cry im down for it!
Im gonna miss zombies.
I started playing zombies in 2010 my friend reccomended black ops so i got it and it was the best thing he reccomended to me i fell in love with it first map i played was kino der toten. I was in elementary at the time i was 10. Now im 19 ive played every map in cod zombies. I always bought the collectors edition well my mom did and i enjoyed all of the maps the nostalgia. Man those were the days.
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Kino was my favorite map. I actually miss playing BO1 zombies was probably my favorite CoD
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not gunna lie black ops 3 was my best zombies so many fun times on there trying ee and stuff
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16 years old, summer time, would wake up everyday and start a game of zombies with a friend, we would play the same map for 8-12 hours then get off. There were days where we never even died and just had to end it. We would take turns walking around the last zombie so the other could eat and use the restroom. Crazy shit. Used to go to sleep with the sound of zombies roaring still in my head.

Call of the dead was and still is the best map ever in zombies.

Mustang and sally with Phd flopper or whatever was the best thing ever, hoard them up and take them out.
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Anyone down to play bo1 zombies honestly miss playin this game so much
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Bo1. Running trains around the theater was the neat thing in my life
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Think is was WaW, the original zombies was it?
That first map so simple but spent so many hours farming the rounds in that little glitch spot in the top room haha
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