IntroductionHey, so, im back! (9 years old)Posted:

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Whats going on with the forum? This isn't the TTG I remember, so many less forums about gaming?

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Everything is more organized and simplified so that means when you click on a forum about gaming etc. you then click on the game you want from the top of the forum! Hope this helped friend welcome back to TTG
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Congrats on 9 years and welcome back.

We are now a anime image board.

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Welcome back friend, TTG for me has been slower, guess that goes with growing up. Be active get this forum popping off.
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Congrats on 9 years
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Congrats on 9 years but yeah the site died down a bit, hasn't it?
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Welcome back man and congratulations on 9 years!
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Welcome back & congratulations on 9 years!
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congrats bro

damn i missed my own 9 year member milestone
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Big Grats on 9 Years man 1 More till a Decade
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