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Hey peeps, Jimmy here AKA TTG_Gypsy AKA Team_Killer

I got a message from TTG when I just logged in today to welcome me back and said wouldn't hurt to re introduce my self.

I've been a member since 2010 July
When I first joined I was a young husband and father.
Me and my wife was 22 and our kids were 1 and 2.

Now were 31 and the kids are 10 and 11.
I've been playing video games since I was 4
Yes NES days 1992 on so on.

When I joined this community I was just discovering COD 4 and MW2 I was about 6 months deep then one day I got into a lobby with somebody who had infections.

ladies and gents the was the first and only time I got scammed lol.He said he would give me all this cool stuff for just 1600 Microsoft points lol and I gave them.

After that I looked into it and stumbled upon the tech game.

I met some awesome people like my friend Stelter retired mod.i many many more,oh and that gold gifter badge you see around , Yep that was my idea.

I would gift people gold and keep track of how many I was at around 40 when I suggested they make it a badge and official counter etc.

So me and a few other was the first with this badge in total I have 34 official and 40 something unofficial.

So while I was here making friends I bought my own jtag Xbox a falcon never had a problem for over a year they got patched then I sold it.

I had a modded Xbox that I could burn my own games and play them online.

Hosted my own successful lobbies made some money and met some cool people and had tons of fun.

I learned basic coding l33t speak etc.

It was awesome then I fell out of it due to some IRL issues

Then I made a return to gaming back in 2016 and started streaming in 2018.

Now I have over a 1100 followers and play pc

Have a decent setup and I'm fully back into the gaming scene.

So I will be seeing you all around gonna be awesome to see some old friends and make some new ones

Please feel free to send me a FR or a PM I love everybody

Also feel free to comment below asking me about how the site used to be and what was hot and going on.

TTG_Gypsy AKA Team_Killer

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Mikey (11-06-2019), Xbox (10-14-2019), TTG (10-13-2019)
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Hi jimmy.
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Welcome back to the site, glad to see you make a return. The site has changed especially as you can can the see the UI. If you have any questions be sure to send me a PM.
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Wow man what one hell of a re introduction. I actually enjoyed reading that and your journey throughout your time gaming and real life situations. I'm sure many users did not know you was the one that came up with the idea of a gold gifted badge. To think how far gifting has come now these days with random gifts in the sb with the repfairy following it up, users being able to unlock inactive names is just really is a neat feature.

I am glad to see an old member like yourself make a return to the site and hopefully get active again. I wouldn't mind checking out your stream sometime.

Guess I'll see you around the forums
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Welcome back mate
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welcome back mate
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