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Hello, I am making a apex thread for all you people to show off your stats,most kills,ranked stats and whatever else you want to share.

I have a 2.50 KD overall & 2.21 in ranked.
I have 1,550 Kills

I am one away from silver, i hope to make it to diamond but with only IRL mates & random teammates it might take awhile. If anybody wants to play feel welcome to message me. I am 19 so not a squeaker and also from Scotland so i speak English.

I have only recently started playing but coming from other shooters i have managed to get pretty good & pretty fast. Just interested to see what others stats / rank is.

Anybody looking to play can also post here also

My Xbox GT is : Rzolv
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I'm always looking for people to grind ranked with.

My GT is Kre8tor TTV
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