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If I remember correctly from the good old days you needed a capture card I think its called to record gameplay etc that can be uploaded to youtube and what not. I ain't done it in like 10 years lol. Anyone able to help me out and let me know how I go about doing it on xbox one?
Many thanks.
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Depends on what system you have, if you have playstation you can directly stream to twitch or youtube from apps.
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I ain't never did it but you could try out mixer and you could always clip something if you make a nice play.
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You can use an El Gato with Xbox One to record at great quality
You can also stream to twitch and use highlights from that.
Or just capture your screen on the Xbox one itself?
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The best way to capture gameplay on Xbox is gonna be mixer unless you go out an buy a capture card but if you don't have a computer or laptop the capture card isn't gonna be any good to you
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You can also stream the Xbox to your PC via. Xbox Companion App {PC} and then stream that to the desired location I.E. Twitch, Mixer, Youtube etc... Not ideal and the quality will ultimately depend on your Internet connection but other than that its plain sailing until you have the funds for a capture card.
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