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So as an enthusiast myself, I typically like to read more in depth articles to further educate myself on components I'm not too familiar with. However, I know a lot of people get easily confused by longer/more in depth articles.

I'd like to hear from everyone, noobs to enthusiasts. What kind of stuff do you guys like to read? Do you like to just see benchmarks and try to digest as much relevant info as quickly as possible, or do you like the more in depth stuff? Maybe you prefer to read opinion pieces, or a full review of certain products?

Also, are there specific components you're more interested in? Do you like hot tips on certain good products, or more info on certain components? Maybe you just like GPU benchmarks?

Genuinely curious to see people's thoughts on this, so pls let me know!
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I read a lot into troubleshooting PC parts from mics and mixers to benchmarks. Commission work for PC building too, really ought to start a brand for myself for it, but I build PCs so infrequently it could never be a job and most of the people around in my area are crypto miners or are willing to build PCs from genuine dumpster diving...

I love looking into benchmarks, performance ratings, cooling options and builds though. **** love the things people do on PCPartList, and even the more elaborate youtube setup wars. Always things that make me insanely jealous and then I see the hardware in their PCs and half the time all I can think of is, "If I spent half as much as I did into my PC I could have that RGB insanity and displays like that..." Collector Edition envy...

Right now though I'm at a hard crossroad between the 3950X and a 9900K. Considering how well the 3900X compares to an 8700K at 4.9GHz, and it remains the colder one and within the FPS range it does I can't see a reason to not swap. Sadly the 3900X has too much of a gap for me to switch to compared to a 9900K, BUT if the 3950X falls to 0-5FPS range... I'm switching. Intel's motherboards as is barely have anything to even say they can upgrade to with. Sure the 370 boards are by no means bad, but compared to 570 boards, they're trash. I do notice a latency difference especially when it comes to audio recordings between 2.0 and 3.0 USB connections. And having a motherboard with nothing but those 3.0 connections, PCIe 4, NVME Gen 4, AMD has the future rollout already here and I'd wager the very next gen of motherboards will be staggering hard to not want compared to anything Intel has lined up.
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