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Hello and welcome to one of our official team recruitment posts.

We have been around nearly for 2 years perfecting our team(s), structuring and working on incentives for all of our gamer's. We have been and still are a highly motivated & invested team and looking to grow in certain area's as we get larger.

We have hosted at least 70 in house contests for our team(s), have participated in a handful of tournaments, we have built multiple squads to play for 12 different competitive games. We are currently over 200 strong across most platforms and most games.

What We Are Looking For
As of right now we are looking for these titles to be filled...
  • Competitive Players (Xbox, PS4, & PC)
  • Competitive Team Leaders (Xbox, PS4, & PC)
  • Community Enforces (Probation officers)
  • Community Recruiters
  • Streamers, Editors, GFX Designers
  • Social Media Management
  • Content Writers
  • and many more!

If you are looking to play for us on our competitive side, or represent us by being a community member come on down and we will get you right in.

  • Always have people to play with/mature skills and knowledge from.
  • Have a chance to win equipment or money.
  • High opportunities in leveling up in the team.
  • Tournaments are paid for if you qualify
  • Many more incentives!

Most importantly we stick together like a family.

How To Get Recruited
It's simple send me a message on here, add me on xbox (oYS Sin), or you can contact me on discord (oYS Sin#5821)

Thank you again for taking interest in us!
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