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ok so as some of you may be aware the casino update brought some new glitches along with itself. There so happens to be a glitch that is unfixable by rockstar so here it is.

what you need

you need to go to the diamond casino and go to the horse races at the inside track. once you get to the races sit down at a chair and proceed to enter the menus for horse racing. once you are at the the menu go to the single events option and hover over the increase bet icon with the touch pad. what you need to do is press down on the touch pad and select the increase bet icon with the touch pad and DO NOT let go of the touch pad. once you press down on the bet slide down to the begin race option and the race should automatically start and still DO NOT let go of the touch pad until the race is over and if the horse you have selected has won the race you will receive the max bet possible for the horse. you can do this three times in each online lobby and it will kick you back to story mode. then just load back in and go back to the casino rinse and repeat!

I hope this helps some of you looking for easy ways to grind for some money. please thank the topic if you don't mind! have a great day

please thank the topic if this was legit and helped you! thanks much!

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Will test now and leave a response. Will rep if works as well.
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