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So if you didn't already know we have a discord server:
It's laid back and doesn't have a stupid amount of channels or bots.

We are currently 5 boosts away from tier 2
For every person that uses their Nitro boost on the server I will instantly gift you gold

For everyone that boosts the server, I'll pick one of you at random to receive 6 months of gold on top of the month I originally give you

If you don't have Nitro don't worry, you can still enter too and I'll pick 12 of you

If you boost the server, @charpwn#0001 with your TTG username!

Good luck!

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i need nitro
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Count me in man good to see you supporting our beloved discord server!
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I don't have nitro unfortunately.

But I'd love to win some gold though!
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I'll boost it when I get nitro again
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Count me in G!
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Looks like I'm getting on discord now
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I'll enter
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