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Well it's been a roller coaster of emotions with my wife over the past 16months. She lost the first baby unfortunately due to miscarriage but we are now 0 days away from having our "Rainbow baby" as she says. We are having a little girl and we are going to name her Lylah Mae.
I'm nervous but really happy and cant wait to meet her.

If there are any dads that could give a word of advice I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks all.

Edit: well my Wifes water broke about 8 hours ago so she is 5 Cm dilated. Now it is just the waiting game. The baby is coming a little earlier than expected but no worries we are ready as we will ever be. Thanks again for all of the responses!

Edit: Lyla was born at 0801 this morning, wife and baby are doing great. She is 6lbs 10 Ounces 19 Inches. The birth went really well nothing bad happened at all. And again thanks for all of the support from yall. <3

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Sorry to hear about the miscarriage man it takes some strength for someone to talk about such hardship like that. My friend recently had twins and coincidentally he called one of his girls Layla May lmao.

I wish you the best luck even though I know you don't need it, congratulations on the new addition to the family hope everything's blessed I'll keep you in my prayers!

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Good luck man hope everything goes well and you have a healthy baby girl.

I'm sure you will be an awesome dad. Be sure to update us with pictures when the day comes or shortly after.

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I'm really sorry to hear about the miscarriage mate. I'm a dad myself and my son is 2 tomorrow, if you need and help with anything feel free to PM me. Congratulations
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I'm sorry to hear about that happening to you, I hope that your baby is healthy.
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Congratulations on nearly becoming a dad I hope everything goes to plan and everyone is health.

Best of luck to you my friend
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Sorry to hear about what happend but congrats, wish you the best of luck
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Congrats man its crazy to see so may people from this site becoming daddys.(myself included) it seems like just yesterday that we were all playing together.
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Congratulations becoming a dad is one of my proudest moments
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Sorry to hear about your miscarriage it takes a hell of a lot of power to get through that. as a father of a beautiful 2 year old it was the best thing that had ever happened to me. I'm sure your little one will be fine. Just relax and enjoy the experience brother.
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