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Welp, this is one to get the camera for. I'll be putting this on my CV for sure lol. This is possibly my penultimate achievement.

So, yeah, I definitely was not expecting this at all, especially after already getting PCMR and Ninja/Awesome badges. Beyond blown away, but I'm absolutely honoured.

Massive thanks to Madz, Adam, and Sean.
Huge thanks to r00t and Scizor too <3 as well as the rest of the staff, of course- and everyone else I haven't mentioned.

Now, time to get to work I suppose

No meme for this one, but I'll leave this bop here for y'all;

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Well deserved. Glad to have you on board.

Just make sure you have a fire extinguisher with you at all times. We haven't had a house fire recently so.....
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HUGE congratulations my man!
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Glad to see you with that lovely orange badge on your profile.

Hey, at least you can edit that sticky that I was supposed to do for you!
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Congrats man!!
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Congratulations man !
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lucky bugger congrats
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Congratulations on becoming staff keep making this site great my guy, you're awesome!
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Wow congrats on staff, definitely not one I was expecting I only see you mostly doing pc stuff. Anyways make us proud and don't ever change!

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Congrats buddy.
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