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Hi Guys
My first post on here.

I've just decided it was time to upgrade my Gaming / Retro Gamin PC which is currently:

CPU: Ryzen 3 2200g

GPU:Gigabyte GTX1060 6Gb

MOBO: Gigabyte B450M DS3H

Ram : Corsair 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4 3000 MHz

I recently purchased a Ryzen 5 3600, now i have the 1060, I no longer need the embedded GPU.

After a lot of annoyance, fiddling around updating the BIOS etc, I couldn't get the Ryzen 5 to work, after some discussions with the retailer and further tinkering, I got a refund.

It now leaves me in a dilemma:

Do I get another 3600 and hope it was just a faulty CPU?
Just go for a 2600 (or 2600x) for now and save up to get a better matched MB and CPU combo?

I've viewed a heap of youtube footage with comparisons and performance.

My main goal is to get decent fps with PS3 and XBox emulators.
I'm not sure if the 2600/x will cut it, my current setup achieves around 11 fps and the CPU maxes out while the GPU is at 6%

Not sure if anyone out there has tried those emu's with a similar setup, but any input would be appreciated.
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Did you update your motherboard's BIOS to support the R5 3600?

I'd definitely stick with an R5 3600 over a 2600(x) if you can afford it.
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Hi yes the bios is currently 42B which at present is the very latest.

Small update: I got the CPU returned , I just received a replacement (3600).

Still no joy with this oneeither.
Although, with the MB on the desk GPU, Ram, KB and mouse connected only, it took me straight into the bios setup.

I then attached my SSD

It displayed the Gigabyte post screen and halted, just like before couldnt press F2 to enter bios or F8 for boot menu, CTRL ALT DEL worked the so the keyboard was working at this point.

I then triend a different SATA cable which made no odds.

So I tried an old laptop HDD in place of the SSD, which had win 7 installed, and it booted , which was great but the keyboard and mouse wouldnt work.

Tried different keyboards ,also tried a usb flash stick in different usb ports , it seems the usb stopped working altogether.

So at that point I refitted the 2200g and put back in the case.

And now it works perfectly with the ssd and my original CPU

Im getting a nagging thought these motherboards arent really ryzen 3000 ready.
Ive read a few forum posts with other folks with similar setups, with it all working but experiencing different kinds of glitches.

So Im going to keep the CPU and going to order another MB, although I cant seem to find a non B450 MB in the Matx form factor under or around £130.

Any advice on anything ive done that could be improved, would be appreciated and maybe point me in the direction of a Motherboard (MATX preferably) and or case if ATX is only available.

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