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Which do you like better, shop online or shop offline?

I like to shop online more. Always ordering online.

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i love online shopping but when it comes down to clothes its sometimes hard as sizes are not always the same! purchased a few pairs of shorts in my size got them last week and they are about 2 sizes too big for me lol
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I like to go into the shops and look for things (clothes and shoes). However gadgets etc I look online.
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I like to go to the store and look at things I'm buying before hand.
If the item I'm looking for is cheaper online I will buy it but I prefer buying things in a store.
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I would say both in general. But if I had to choose 1 it would be online! I would go with online because it's safe, no lines, and no rude clerks.
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Anime wroteWhich do you like better, shop online or shop offline?

I like to shop online more. Always ordering online.

Depends what I'm buying I love buying clothes online because you can usually find an item for half the price.
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Online for sure, the deals are usually 10x better on what I usually buy.
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Online is the way to go
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Depends on what it is.
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