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TeMpAaR wroteJust buying my second monitor now would you think this would be a good secondary one?
or best same size monitor etc? very.co.uk/dell-se2219h-215-inch-...age.recs_1

If you care about aesthetics more than practicality or your budget, then you might want to get 2 monitors the same size. That said, I don't see much point in spending loads on a secondary monitor considering it's just that- secondary, you won't be using it anywhere near as much as your main monitor. I use a 27" display as my main monitor, and am currently just using a 21.5" 1080p monitor as my secondary for this reason and it's fine for me- granted it could look better.

Also, yes that Dell monitor is decent. These are also decent if you want something cheaper;
or cheaper/bigger;
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