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So im currently trying to bulk up to around 80kg. Currently im at 76kg. Ive been spending lots of time getting a routine sorted and ive been getting help from online coaches. Ive been doing well at eating enough calories, But not the best way. I work in a factory that creates chocolate biscuits. So yeah, Not the best thing to eat. I dont eat much but i tend to have 2-3 biscuits to boost calories.

Is there any good cheap alternatives for bulking ? I was thinking of getting bagels and protein spread and having that as a snack?

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Mikey (08-16-2019)
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Protein shakes easy source of calories covers pro/carb/fat if not using them already.

Fridge raiders, Arla Yoghurt drinks, almond nuts, plenty of options really nature valley bars just take you time on your next shop looking for stuff.
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