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Right, I'm going to make my own milestones up because why not. Who's gonna tell me no huh? - If you have an issue with this, PM maDz

So I managed to spend some actual cash dollah on TTG over the years and managed to send out 200 total gifts of Gold!

insert randy emoji because I don't have feelings -

Ok err... thanks list -

My work place
My liver
My bank?
And me!

ok I'm done. Bye!

The Following 10 Users Say Thank You to Adam For This Useful Post:

Xbox (09-11-2019), Mikey (08-05-2019), dah (08-04-2019), MeIo (08-04-2019), Federation (08-03-2019), James (08-03-2019), Arkani (08-01-2019), TTG_INV_PLS_BRO (07-31-2019), Daniel (07-31-2019), dj (07-31-2019)
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I'll email The bailiffs to repossess your nudes
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I won gold from you like 5 times in a few days lol.

Congrats hope to see more gold being dished out in SB soon
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Cool, congrats!
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Congrats on 200 gifts my man, thanks for supporting the site so much in more ways than just one.
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congrats lol very generous
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Congrats on 200 gifts man!
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Congrats on the 200 gifts, Adam!
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Great job on spending money Adam, really responsible of you.

Keep it up buddy

buy the new cod when it releases you absolute dog
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Congratulations on 200 gifts! Really amazing you giving back to the community!
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