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i figured it out just putting my problem as a spoil lol ..(Incase it matters i have an android phone samsung galaxy a5 2017)
I have tried using kodi i get an option to dowoad and it says downloading 10% 20% etc.
But after is finished and says download complete it never actually downloaded anything i have checked the folder where it was ment to download to my 30gb sd card but its completley empty the file was supposldy 400mb as well so i got the space, i watched a YT video of an indian man doing it but it didnt work for me...
I herd with RD or PM you can use them to get a torrent magnet link to use web downloader to download series or seasons but i dont have that service and it costs money, im just wondering
Does anyone know of a free way i can download tv series to my phone is thier an app or anything and a way to do it without a pc as i dont have one,

im just going on holiday soon and i can't sleep on planes so i just want to watch some rick and morty on the flight for a few hours lol instead of staring at the back of a seat the whole journey.

Problem resolved for anyone else wanting to use kodi for this to watch shows and movies offline this is how i done it
I am using - as a thing for saying click this next.

enable show hidden files and downloads from unkown sources you can find these by going to settings media general and click show hidden files the other option should be enable by the time you get an addon on mine automatically asked me to enable it once thats done,

goto settings on your addon you choose select downloads select my download folder as what your kodi is saved to mine is external storage so then once you press the storage your kodi is saved to click android - data - org.xbmc.kodi - files - kodi - userdata - addon data - or what ever yours is called - movies or tv show now press ok.

Now you have your download folder set and only have to do this once or twice depending if you do it for both movies and tv shows, has to be this because kodi wont download and write files to a folder out of kodi.

So now just find a show or movie you wish to download click on it to load the sources hold click or right click on the source and a download option will appear once its done just click onto your addon and a download option will be there for every movie tv show you download its useful if your going on a vacation and dont have internet or data.

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Try using showbox, I use that on my tablet to download films and tv series, never had a problem with it and has got lots of films and new ones to
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You could always download a torrent client and download the show straight to your phone then use a media player to watch them. I have a server so I download everything to that and use plex to stream to my phone or anything else that has plex available.
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CinemaHD has a download option im pretty sure.
download filelinked on your android and go on youtube to find a pin.

theres so many apps on there one must let you download shows
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If you have Netflix you can download them from there, But other than that im useless. Showbox is another good one too.

things you can watch stuff on is CinemaHD, ShowBox, 123Movies, Series Online, Cartoon HD. not sure if you can download on there but you can give it a try.
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