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Just got 1000 rep due to Venom gifting loads of gold out in Sb these two days, thanks venom.

The Following 7 Users Say Thank You to sus For This Useful Post:

Mikey (07-06-2019), Xbox (06-28-2019), youngerflames (06-28-2019), dah (06-28-2019), Goodfellas (06-28-2019), SoloWingPixy (06-27-2019), Federation (06-27-2019)
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Congrats on 1k rep and of course that beautiful purple block.
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Congratulations on 1k rep man!
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Congrats keep it up! Also big shoutout to @Venom for hooking all of us with rep and gold
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Congrats on the first 1k my man, it took you long enough!
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congrats on 1k rep man! its a good milestone
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Congrats on 1000 rep! I shall be joining you soon
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Nice username btw but yes congrats on your new milestone.
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Grats on 1000 Rep dawg
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Congrats on 1k rep.

It use to be hard and something you could feel good about earning.
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