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Google Game Builder lets you create 3D video games without coding knowledge.

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Gone are the days when you needed to know coding to create a video game. With Google's prototype Game Builder, you can make 3D games by simply selecting a series of cards, the tech giant announced in a blog post Thursday. The card-based visual programming, free on Steam for PC and Mac, lets users drag and drop different cards that end up building the game. Through these steps, anyone with or without a coding background can create platforms, scoreboards, cars and more.

However, those with the technical expertise can opt to use JavaScript and tweak the existing application programming interface (API). An API is a series of tools and definitions used to connect software.
The game also has the ability to become a collaborative effort. Creators can invite friends to help build the game with them or even play it together. Additionally, you can have friends play the game while you build it.

Players can further their creative options in the game by using 3D models from Google Poly, a website that allows creators to share and access one another's 3D creations

This seems kind of cool. Coding can either be easy or hard for some people. I also think it's nice you can invite friends to help you while you build. Not sure how great this will become though.
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