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Hey, I'm extremely new to pc hardware and stuff and I'm trying to get into building pcs and I was wondering if this build was compatible, suitable for gaming or even if I could change some of the parts to a better part or even change to a more reliable website, thanks!

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PC Part Picker isn't a lying website, it's very reliable and accurate. Frankly I'd say your PC setup is something I would actually go to recommending for people who are new and want to see some decent performances in games as well have a quieter system. The only thing I can say is I'd go for a 240 instead of a 120 for a CPU purely for upgrade means. Which your system has a good bit of headroom for.
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Seems just fine to me
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You don't need xtra thermal paste unless you wanna use different paste then what's Pre applied on the cooler
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$310 for 1st gen Ryzen? That makes no sense. An R7 3700x is about the same price.

I'd make a few other changes too probably, but we've no idea what you're actually using the system for, or what monitor(s) you're using.

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What exactly are you using the system for? Just games, what games?
What monitor(s) are you using? Either make and model, or at least tell us the resolution and refresh rate.
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