Milestone1K Gifts of Gold WOOOOOPosted:

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So yeah I hit 1k gifts of gold wooo me.
Got not much too say really but thanks again TTG for being an amazing community to be a part of.
All I ask for in return is memes.

oh yeah one last thing
sup mikey
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Nice to see you giving back! Congrats on 1000 gifts man
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Haven't checked into the site In months an 1st post I see is 1000 gifts of gold jheeezz
Glad you guys are still out here an keeping this site going strong
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Well done my man! Thank you for all your contributions to the site, seen and unseen
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Wow congrats man.

Thanks for everything you do for ttg!
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Congrats dude!
Huge milestone.
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Oh wow that's a ton
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That is **** crazy, thank you for supporting the community, what a guy

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Woah thats actually mad. Congrats on 1000 and thanks for making the community a humble and safe place to browse (Other than when Mikey hits the SB lul)
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