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What do you guys do? I need some inspiration and ideas on places to apply to because nowhere pays around here in the Jersey area. I'm looking to work somewhere that makes $15+/hr so I can use that money and invest in real estate so I don't have to work a shit job for the rest of my life lol
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postal service pay 17
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any labour base jobs really I mean I work two jobs 3 days in retail and 2 labouring and the labouring days I can be on £150 a day so Just 2 days Is decent in itself hope this helps in some way as this has come into my head you are not the only one
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I work in retail and make about $12.00 an hour. However, I never get to work more than 30 hours a week and have no benefits. If I lived alone I wouldn't be in very good shape.
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It's all about where you live.
$15 is minimum wage here, and working 80 hours a week you probably couldn't even afford rent.
From my perspective, going to college for a degree is the main way to get higher paying jobs, but you can also look up trade jobs. Look up stuff like plumbing, electrician work, etc
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Trades are paying pretty well right now.

Have a buddy who went to welding right out of HS and is making bank in ND
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Without a degree or other significant skills youd be looking at labor jobs.
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All depends on your area, where I am minimum wage is $11.50CDN and the best pay I've ever got was working for a Contant/Call Center for $15.50.
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It varies on a lot where you live because of the cost of living and the minimum wage. Life isn't meant to be easy for us man. I live in Massachusetts and minimum wage is $12 here but it sucks cause the cost of living is through the rough and taxes... forget about it. Personally I think your best bet is staying at a job and getting your raises but I don't know how that works in other places here in MA you get a raise when you hit 3 months and then every year after. That's helped me a lot.
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It's all based on location considering different affording costs. I work in a Verizon corporate Store(Not a 3rd Party) and it's 12.50 and hour but the commission makes up for it tremendously
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