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THIS: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

Is the current parts list I have compiled over the last 3 weeks using YouTube, Google, Reddit, linustechtips, thetechgame, and of course PcPartPicker. This was done with my limited knowledge on PC's and what all goes into the process of building them, I am going to buy some if not ALL the parts today or tomorrow. So I want to do one last "Are you guys SURE SURE?!" because as I've said: Limited knowledge on my end.

So PLEASE if you have any recommendations for something lower in price but equal or better in performance let me know. I was attempting to keep this under $500 but I see we blew that budget by quite a bit. I already have the case, I bought it from the thrift store for $10.


Parts screenshots
Ram, CPU, & MOBO: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
HDD (PSU alternative?): [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
GPU & SSD: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
PSU: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
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I'm going to do two things here. One I like, one I don't. I'll start off with the one I like because I like it.

By all means the PC you have there is functional. It will work and do the things you want it to.
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This stays under your budget, gives you respectable performance, not good, but livable. The SSD being bigger just means more storage for pictures and clips you commonly use in editting and such as well as software, OS, any game, streaming software, and so on. Very utilitarian, no frills, just performance. You definitely could, and I'd even recommend staying with the Ryzen 2600 over the choice I laid out, mine only gives you the option to spend a little more on a graphics card or storage two things that would matter a bit more or lean over and go for CPU and storage. Choice is your's there.

Now the part I don't like... This will come off negative, hateful, likely even insulting. So I'll try my best to convey this via text in a means that doesn't do so.

Some background to me; I know what it's like to have a bad hand dealt to you and genuinely be guilty of nothing finally snapping and making yourself what everyone says you are. Born Newport, Cali, raised in Long Beach and Santa Ana. Homeless for damn near my whole life till 22. I know what hell looks like, I didn't just get tickets I'm sitting in the front row with a plate with my name written on it on my way at Mach 10. But.. Worked my a** off and ended up being able to sit in front of a PC rig I built with every penny I earned that in a few days when my parts arrive will cost over 8,000 bucks. It feels good.
I got to say, I googled you, got to your YouTube channel and jumped around through the time, went back years. Noticed some things, mainly how you intro most of your videos (all of the ones I saw) with "Youtube, what's bracken, what's crakin, what's poppin, what's live, what's good" If you know the context of those words, the weight they carry. Then you need to really take that second, sit back. Hell write it down on paper, your demons, fears, the weight of your past and your word. Be honest with yourself too, you hold back, you add to the weight on your shoulders. Find those things, beat them out of your life, the only way out from it is to conquer it. It's not easy, it's not fast, may not even feel worth it in the end. But once they're gone from you, that's it. And then you get to move the hell forward and can sprint as hard as you want into a brick wall, and like Dark Souls, keep at it till finally you break that wall the next is easier and easier.

When it comes to being a content creator like yourself, things to factor.
Audio - How do you sound, background noise, effects you can produce, how you talk, why you talk in that manner, emotions you convey, how you talk to others, how you talk to your teammates and friends and your enemies.
Visuals - How do your videos look, your stream quality, thumbnails, captions, titles and headliners, is trendy is it not, is it positive is it negative, what are you streaming or recording and why, your personal appearance, your persona if any.
Content - Are you energetic or pessimistic often, how do your products turn out, are you actually happy with your content, how do you make yourself out to be, do you reveal too little or too much of yourself.

I can keep going on for days, the bottom line is a simple answer though. You + Sales + Marketing = Content Creator.

Hell look at the differences between someone like Asmongold to Shroud or DrDisrespect or Ninja. 4 Popular names, 4 extremely different people with different goals and lives and interactions. Asmongold goes insane and rants, Shroud complains about hackers and games and yet blows off heads nearly never missing, DrDisrespect....Have you seen this man? I'm still surprised he hasn't been banned for good. The man wears a bullet proof vest for a reason or two more than I think even he cares to let on about, Ninja... corporate shill, but it paid and pays his life. Hate or love him, he's good at what he does.

Which leads me to point this to you, every video you make.. At the end of it all can you actually look yourself in the mirror and say, "Will this get me where I want to be?" Every video you release isn't content, it's a product and you're the developer. If your product isn't good and you know it isn't, do you think your audience will care, will they talk about you and if so how? You need to sit back and take that serious talk with yourself. Because when I watched your videos, they start off with a positive message that within seconds turns to darkness. A face that doesn't seem genuine or positive, and yes you can be negative and mean even insulting and make your name. But no one is throwing around their past front and center like you are my man. You need to ask yourself really and truly, where do I want to be, how do I get there.
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