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  • Summer 2019
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Super Mario Maker 2 Doesn't Let You Play Online With Friends.


One of the biggest new features in Super Mario Maker 2 is the addition of multiplayer. Not only can you build courses with a nearby friend simply by passing them a second controller, you can play any of the stages uploaded to the online Course World hub with up to three other players around the world. However, it appears the online multiplayer options will be limited strictly to strangers.

Super Mario Maker 2 offers two online multiplayer modes: Versus and Co-Op. As their names suggest, Versus is a competitive race to reach the goal first, while Co-Op has players working together to clear the level. You can play both modes with friends if they're gathered in the same room, but according to Nintendo Life, the modes will only match you up with random players when you're playing online.

There are also some hurdles to overcome if you want to play locally. While all four players can play Co-Op mode on the same console, if you want to face off with your friends in a Versus match, each player will need their own Nintendo Switch console and a copy of Super Mario Maker 2, and the player who hosts the group will need to have a persistent internet connection to connect to Course World.

I think they should have had play online with friends. Not just the random people in the room bit. I would feel this game would have been great to play with friends online in this game really seems what it is meant for.
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