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Who's your favorite soccer player? Why? It can be anyone that plays professionally.

I'll start with mine...

Player: Lionel Messi
Team: FC Barcelona
Why: He's unnatural. The way he plays and his unique style are unlike anyone else. He reminds me of the old Brazil team, back in Pele's day. Plus, he has a very humble attitude and doesn't start beef. He truly loves the game

I can't wait to see everyone else's!
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Lacazette at Arsenal
Has an amazing play style that I try to replicate when I play. Awesome on and off the ball and a great dude off the pitch also.
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Think mine would be Modric, just a world class player.
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Raheem "The Dream" Sterling, love everything about the guy.
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Fabinho for current and Gerrard for all time.
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Hesky... because it's hesky time!
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My favorite player has to be Ronaldinho. hands down. EVEN though I'm a die hard Juventus fan
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Ashley Young

Only englishman to do Cruyff turns at Camp Nou
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