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I made an account waaaay long ago to try and get free mods for cod games. Good times.

Now im giving back to the community and creating avatars/signatures and other graphic design work for the TTG community!

Come check out my shop: Forums/t=7781589/graphics-design-workshop.html

Feel free to PM or reply on the thread if you are interested! Glad to be back!

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Hi welcome back?

Pretty cool graphics shop man!
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Welcome back buddy
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Welcome back and good luck with the graphic workshop!
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Welcome back to the site and congrats on 8 years.

I'll have to check out your thread I may need some work soon.

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Congratulations on 8 years man, long time!
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Welcome back! If I think of something wanting to be made I'll check you out!
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Been seeing you a lot recently man, keep it up!
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Congrats man ! More to come
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Congrats on the 8 years old timer.
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