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Hey TTG,

I just need your feedback.
I wanted to create something nice, clean and simple.


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Redacted (04-18-2019)
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Nice dude looking awesome!

Personally I would remove the outer border from a more clean look.
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I think it looks alright man

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Looks nice, but the text is just totally thrown on there like it doesn't belong, I don't know it looks kinda awkward.
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Looks nice! I see where maze is coming from but i still like it
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I don't like the border. Take that away so it's just the flat picture. The text doesn't look like it belongs there but just thrown on. Also the white. It stands out but I think that's the problem. I'm getting a yellow/green tint vibe from the picture so maybe try get the text to be like like.

Just anything to make it all look like it belongs together. Other than the pedantic criticisms, it looks good
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