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So i went to the dealer ship today and my monthly payment for financing would be $515 for 7 years where as leasing would $379 for 3 years and 10-12k miles per month. Im going to a bank tomorrow to see what they can do for me for financing, ive been asking around, getting estimates from friends and family who have similar credit as me and have a similar car price and they are paying any where from $390-$425 per month for7 years. As of now im 50/50 on what to do. On one hand for leasing i am paying for a car that i will never own, basically renting it. But on the other hand according to the salesman, i will never have to pay a dime out of pocket for any type of service (oil changes, breaks, tires, and any other thing that could go wrong) and i would not be committed for 7 years. Also with my down payment for leasing, which is $8,000, in total i would be playing ~$20,000 for a $42,000 car which after the 3 years i can use to trade in for a another car, buy it, or simply return it. Im having a tough time deciding on what to do. Any input/suggestion is greatly appreciated. As an FYI im also incline on not doing anything at all and not even buying or leasing it.

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I say don't lease but I'm always against leasing TBH. I'm not the biggest fan of new cars in general because they tank in value in the first year, if you get a car that's a year old with 5k miles, you might see a HUGE discount.

As for the maintenance part of it, some dealers offer a maintenance plan and when you buy a new vehicle you can try to put that in your negotiation.

I would always buy the vehicle because even if you want to trade it in after a few years then it's still your decision on who to sell to. If you lease it, the dealer is the only "buyer" at the end and in 3 years you will have spent all that money with nothing to show for it or you can have it half way paid off. With a lease too, if there's any damage or signs of wear or lack of maintenance then you can bet you're paying for it.
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I personally think leasing is a great way to get into a car for a few years if you get bored quickly.


Never would I ever put 8,000 down on a car I wont own at the end of the day. Save that 8 grand and put it toward your finance or something else.
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I wouldn't put the 8g down for Leasing it maybe fiance that would be better. Atleast you will eventually own the car!
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