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Hello, just joined here.

I recently started looking into dropping a serious chunk of change building a new computer but there really are no new games on the market that have me interested. So before spending a few grand on all of the newest stuff for no real reason I figure I am just going to wait. I'm a gamer that has no interest in 90% of the game coming out. Historically I am a big Elder Scrolls fan, I want to like Fallout games but... eh. I am going to wait to see reviews on Bethesda's Starfield and maybe wait as long as Elder Scrolls 6 to make sure Bethesda doesn't continue down their current path of greed and crap games, if those games suck I am just going to give up all together.

My current old system is a ASUS M5A97 (2.0?)... AMD Phenom II X4... 4GB DDR3 Ram... GTX570... 650w power supply and running windows 10.

With these old components what are your opinions for getting the best performance out of them? More Ram is a must of course, also a better GPU, I am curious about SLI maybe a couple 970's or something and what is the best CPU for this motherboard.

I am a pretty unenthusiastic gamer right now, I'm bored of Skyrim, never impressed by Fallout 4 but my computer never handled the game well so an update might get me into it, I play a bit of War Thunder but my GPU overheats easily on that game. I've heard rumors of Red Dead Redemption 2 being released for PC and I am interested in that.

Thanks for any help!
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Not worth keeping the motherboard. If you're upgrading CPU, and RAM anyway, just upgrade to a newer socket.

I wouldn't bother spending more money on that system, it's just a better idea to build a new system at this point IMO. You could re-use your current storage, maybe case and PSU but we don't know what case or PSU you have so I'm not sure.

What is your budget and currency?
What is the make and model of your case, and PSU?
What exactly are you looking to achieve with an upgrade?
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The case is an ancient (my brother built a computer in it before he gave it to me) Cooler Master Centurion 530.

The power supply is a cheap Hong Kong special Kingwin MK-650W.

I built this computer when Skyrim was released and have only added a SSD and water cooler to the CPU. I'm surprised it's doing as well as it is still but the GPU is running hotter and hotter. It's a ASUS 570 with one of the higher end heat sinks that I could get, I'm thinking maybe I should disassemble it and get some new heat paste on it.
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