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Not active on here anymore but, I always come back for a milestone post! 6 years is absolutely crazy! I miss the old days with mw2 quick scoping lobbies and a popping graphics forums. Anyway, hope everyone has a great day and that TTG lives on!

ps. No one to thank, everyone that I would thank aren't here anymore

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Grats on the achievement!
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Congrats on 6 years lad.
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congrats on 6 years man! you should try to become active if you can!
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Congratulations on 6 years get more active be sure to check the shoutbox out
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Congrats on the 6 years mate.
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congrats on 6 years oldie, ily
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Wish you were more active but glad you haven't forgotten about us. Congrats on #6 my man
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congrats on 6 years bro hope you stay active!
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Big congrats on the 6 years man.
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