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It's been a long ass run here on the site, I do my best to give quality post on stuff you guys find interesting..

Methods, Modding, Anything else I want to post

my collection is slowly growing..

I appericate all of you who have dropped me thanks and pushed me to this milestone, I've been trying to get this for a while, but I'm here now and I am thankful for everyone who has thanked my posts!

Next milestones:

2,000 Thanks
1,000 News Posts < eventually >
10k Posts

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Congrats man! well deserved! see you at your next milestones!
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Grats on 1000 Thanks. I've always wanted to achieve that
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Congrats on 1k thanks
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Congrats big dog well deserved
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Congratulations Chat, I know you been after that badge a while now, well deserved and your a great member on the site. Hope to see you at 10k one day
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well deserved bro!! congratz
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Grats man, nice to see you're still super active!
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That's an awesome badge bro! Congrats!
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Congrats on 1k thanks man!
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