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If only I played MC
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Your teyi g to make me play minecraft...
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Well dam I wish I played Minecraft man, would of gave this a shot.
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Rip I don't play MC.
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Will there ever be more added?
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Maze wroteSpawn is a safe zone but monsters can attack you

I think ban time should be shortened, don't know how you guys feel, but it may make people not want to play.
1-2 hour ban?

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I might have fallen in a ravine and killed myself, but trust me when I get back on in 6 hours, you're all toast.
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I'm starting to question this last chest, I've searched for hours around this last area, underground, above ground, hell- even in the sky. I've found enough diamonds to make myself full armour and tools, a few dungeons but no chest.

Ultimate april fools, have 2 chests be real and have me search for hours for one that doesn't exist
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final code at the 2nd set of co ords found
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Ryan wrotehttps://imgur.com/QgXJgaV.png

final code at the 2nd set of co ords found

Merged topics, All chests have been told we will be hiding some more today in harder places.
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