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Yo i have a Rear Muffler Delete and a Decat booked in for wednesday however the resonator ( mid box ) is still going to be on, will it be loud / pop and bang or will the resonator stop that from happening, cars a 1.6 Naturally Aspirated
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Depending on the vehicle, it will pop or it won't. If it's older it might, if it's newer it might not. It will be louder but everything I've straight piped I've never gotten to pop. I've straight piped a 4.6 V8, a 6.8L V10, and a 6.0 V8. These were all my personally vehicles and they never popped at all. I took everything out, if it wasn't just a round pipe then it came out. The V10 was the closest, it had a slight cackle but no pops or bangs.
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