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I know its a day late but yesterday marked my 8 years anniversary with TTG

I have reached many milestone in my time at TTG and would like to thank each and everyone of you

My greatest time of all was the robin funding event that took place where members of the community helped out robins family with funding towards his funeral it was a very special moment not only for me but also Sean as he saw how good his community was and how well they got involved

Thank you everyone especially the staff who keep the site monitored

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Welcome to the 8 mile club! Hope all is well and hope to see you around more!
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Congratulations keep it up
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Congrats on 8 years man!
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Grats on 8
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One year behind you but I love seeing people with around the same time that I have, that truly experienced TTG when it was striving off of MW2 modded lobbies lol. Remember the old website format? Wish I could see it again one time for old times sake.

But regardless! Here's to many more!
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Congrats and welcome to the 8 year club.
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Your a legend, Great that your dedication has been here for 8 years.
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Welcome to the fam, stay active <3
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Congrats on the 8 years.
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