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Hi I'm the first grandmaster on the ttg discord
which you can join by clicking this link

I'm pretty proud of myself it is achieved by reaching level 50 in the discord you can find the ranks here

This is just such an incredibly important milestone for me so thanks everyone

And big thanks to everyone who talks to me in the discord see you all there

O and I got new sockies what do u guys think

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Absolute monster.
No one deserves it more because you are the god of the ttg discord.

How does this man not have the discord badge??!!!????
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All hail grand master loke
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Congrats loke on getting grand master on the tech games discord server
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Congrats on being grand master!

Now time to prestige!
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GG bro
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Congrats dude xD
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Congratulations friend.
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Loke you're insane! This is amazing. Congratulations senpai! hehe

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Congratulations Grand Master Loke!
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