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With Samsung and Hauwei both releasing folding smartphones. Do you believe apple will release one this year as well? I think they will but also produce their traditional iPhones like they have been. I say this year we see 3 new phones and 1 being a foldable one.

Let me know what y'all think!
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I sure hope not.
They sure are "under pressure" to do it now and I believe they had a patent for one a few years ago.
I hope not, the price would be insane and I feel like it may be rushed(or easy to make changes to, leading to a second phone $$$$$)

I guess we'll wait and see later this year.
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I hope they don't bring out an iPhone that folds just now because that new Samsung needs so much work being the 1st Gen, I wouldn't like to see apple bring one out until it's not as thick and heavy.
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Probably. But I doubt they'll catch on for the mainstream Market. Foldable phones are just a gimmick for the next generation of OLED tech.
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Foldable phones just aren't necessary, seriously stupid idea.
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iPhones are complete garbage. Same with apple.
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I don't think apple will do this.
Not really there style, but they could always surprise us.
Foldable phones don't really need to be a thing.
Samsung is already having tons of issues with there's. Don't wanna see apple go down that path.
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I dont see Apple doing this.

The main reason I say this is because Apple has stuck with the same design for awhile now. They do change a little year to year but going from an iPhone to a Flip iPhone isnt something I see happening
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I hope it doesn't come out but it probably will they are always competing w samsung
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I think Apple is playing the long game now. They already know what sells. They don't need to innovate as they used too because people buy an iPhone because they want to buy an iPhone.

I think Apple is going to leave the new technology to other companies. Apple is more about stability than features nowadays.
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