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The title says it all. Here is a little about myself

How long have I been a member of this site
I joined back in 2012 so 6 almost 7 years

Why I joined this site
Mainly mods for Call of Duty. I then dabbled in a little bit of GFX work

Why i left
The main reason is because of work

What bought me back
Well i just bought a Corona RGH Slim. and I'll be hosting free Call of Duty/ GTA lobbies. And i just got back into gaming.

What System do I play on
Xbox One S

Games I play
CoDs;[email protected] MW2, BO1, MW3, BO3, BO4 Rainbow Six Siege, and Fortnite.

My GT for Xbox One

Im Glad to be back and to see all the changes and improvements to the site. Also to mention the new people

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Glad to see you back on the site man, always cool to see some older members show up again!
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Welcome back and nice to meet you man.
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Welcome back to the community bro!
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Welcome back brother
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Welcome back brother!
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Welcome back big guy
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Welcome back hope to see you around
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Welcome back to the site! Hope you stick around
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Welcome back man hope u stay
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