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Now that the world is going mad on electrically powered motors, will diesel cars come down in price?

Surely the price of diesel will go up because less people will be purchasing it?

I have a petrol at the moment however I'm looking into my next car, really fancy a BMW however don't want to risk the value dropping massively because it's a diesel!
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I feel like you are asking for someone to predict the future...I guess a way to think about it is...until they can invent 16 wheeler that can tow the same for the same distance that are electric diesel will be a good price
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This is just my opinion, as said above no one can know for sure.

Diesel vehicles here in the US are become more and more popular because they're more economical than a gas and usually last longer. As for diesel vs electric, until the electric cars have a longer range upwards of a thousand miles, I don't think they'll take off. My daily commute is 120ish miles so I'd be recharging EVER day which is why I never considered one. Also people will start looking at the price of their electricity bill vs the price of fuel and that will probably determine the fate of electric cars.

In big cities where people commute a max of 20 miles they might be more popular than fuel cars but for the rest of the world I think we'll probably still prefer gas or diesel.

As for buying right now, I don't know how the market is where you are, but here in the US diesel vehicles hold their value pretty well but it's a matter of finding the guy that wants to spend $5k more for a diesel vs a gas.
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Absolutely, no one can predict the future you're right...

Bit of a tough topic to debate, best I can do is bite the bullet I guess!
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This is coming from UK side, no idea about anywhere else

I personally think Diesel cars will drop massively in value within 5 years, along with that road tax will increase (as it is now I believe) and places like London I think are restricted to certain emission levels.

Not sure about fuel cost but that will probably increase(?).

*correct me if im wrong..
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Most likely yeah but cant be for sure, i assume petrol cars will drop in value aswell.
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