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thestaticstreetwear wroteThe best way to save money is by cutting out most of the LIABILITIES.

(A Liability is something that takes money out of your pocket OR something that you DO NOT need that much) e.g a new designer jacket, fancy shoes, snacks etc.

Doing so, replace the LIABILITIES with ASSETS (An asset is something that puts money into your pocket OR things that you NEED) e.g
The most common asset is investing either being long term or short term. Putting money away/into something hoping that the value will appreciate over time.

A lot of people don't know this but a mortgage is actually a liability. As long as you have a roof over your head, you are fine.

Hope this helped mate.

thank you Robert Kiyosaki
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Once all of your bills are paid for the pay period (or you've mentally subtracted what will be auto-paid later in the pay period), EVERY DAY, check your bank balance and then divide the amount by how many days are left in the pay period to get a daily "available for spending" balance, and don't spend a penny over that. This TechBrighter get some inspiration on money management.
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just dont spend money and only buy what you need
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I saved a lot of money by prepping my own meals and coffee. Spent around 10 euros per day for all my food and drank water. I was able to buy my own gaming pc and buy tickets to an expensive enough festival and still have money left over. Also you will develop a healthy eating habit.
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i suck at budgeting too. i have one but i never follow it, rip
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What I usually do (I'm still in high school) If I have above $50 in my wallet or in my account whatever money my dad gives me I put it in my dresser and save it it'll eventually accumulate to nice amount.
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