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If you could have dinner with anyone from history, who would it be?

I'd have to say George Washington. Being he was the USA first president and our state is named after him. I'd like to see what he did in his daily life.
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Martin Luther King Jr, we needa talk about how we going to better America, we of course would eat steak with some broccoli and sip on some wine.
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So many come to mind, the dark side of me wants to pick Hitler. The opposite part of me wants Abe Lincoln as he was my favorite president to learn about during school. Lastly, John Lennon or Steve Jobs came to my mind, both people who changed the field they were working in.
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I'd have to say Abe Lincoln, just Bc he was my favorite president/person to learn about. And so I can ask him how good the acting was at the theatre or if was so bad it could kill someone.
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