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My old username was "Hi" just changed it to Mob!

Just reached 1k Posts, this is a pretty good achievement for myself, took A Lot of grinding, but hey I am here.

Future Goals:
1,000 REP, who tryna drag me there? Lmao
Blind Gifter+
Athlete Badge
Gold Gifter+
1,000 Thanks

Thanks and Rep Are Appreciated Of Course.

The Following 8 Users Say Thank You to Jason For This Useful Post:

Mikey (02-17-2019), JoeI (02-17-2019), Federation (02-17-2019), Redacted (02-14-2019), Moonshine (02-12-2019), TTG (02-12-2019), Xbox (02-12-2019), 40oz (02-12-2019)
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Ayee congrats on 1k posts! Good luck with your future goals
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Congrats on 1,000 posts.

Hope to see competing for the rainbow name in the upcoming years.

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Congratulations on the Rainmaker Badge, keep up the grind bro.
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Congrats on hitting the big 1k post. Keep up the grind and keep being active in the shoutbox and I'm sure you hit 1k rep in no time.

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Congrats on your first 1k and the new badge
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Congrtas on 1k G

Hope to see you at your future goals soon
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Love the name change and I'm excited to see your future goals!
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congrats man

keep up the grind
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