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HI I have an issue with my sons xbox. I used to play MW2 when it first came out with my older son who is 24 now and I picked up MW3 to play with my younger son. He kicked my butt so I went to practice today and at the bottom of my screen during intermission 3 blue and white icons popped up with 3 options offering something like 3D.or 2D. I must have clicked one because my screen is now fuzzy and I tried to go into settings but have had no luck getting back to a normal view. Called Gamestop but they were no help today by offering the Microsoft 800 phone #, in the past they have been helpful all the time. Could you guy recommend something to fix it. I have good pic of my screens but I dont think I can upload it here. My technology skills have a ton of dust on them and are outdated! Need any help I can get to get us back online. Thank You, Pete

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Welcome to the site man, try posting about your issue in the Xbox forum here Forums/f=312/xbox-forum.html
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Welcome to the site.
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Welcometo the site, hopefully someone can help you out with the issue.
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Welcome to the TheTechGame, I hope we can help you with your issue.
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Welcome to the site! It sounds like its a TV issue to me. The 360 doesnt have settings like that. I would browse you TV settings and see if there is anything in there about it.
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